About Us

Our CEO, Nicole Michelle, is a curvy diva that loves fashion and is a firm believer in, "if you look good, you will feel good, if you feel good, you will do good".  Hating to deal the crowds at the malls, expensive prices and non-exclusive styles offered at the leading plus-size stores, she began for searching boutiques around her home state of Michigan and online.  Though there are numerous boutiques, storefronts, and online stores, many didn't sell sizes beyond the size 10 (Large) and if the larger size was available, it wasn't true to size or were overly expensive.  Fed up with the frustration of finding quality fashionable plus size clothing at a reasonable price, Not Ur Avg Chic was born.

Not Ur Avg Chic is an online boutique dedicated to the curvy woman, like herself, who admire the current fashion trends but hate to shop, as they find it nearly impossible to find fashionable pieces in their size especially online.  Most women boutiques only cater to what the fashion industry considers the “average size” for a woman (S-L) (0-10), where studies show that a woman’s average size is a size 16. As most fashion leaders haven’t really caught up with the evolution of the women’s bodies in America and beyond, for the “average woman,” it can be a struggle to shop for clothes.  Not Ur Avg Chic will fill that void and show women that you don’t have to fit society definition of “average” to be flawless. 

Sticking to the “style has no size” motto, N.U.A.C will provide clothing styles to meet every curvy woman’s needs, from 9-5 to happy hour, sporty and contemporary fashion. All while providing excellent customer service, at affordable prices with fast shipping.  Ultimately, our main goal is to show the world that you are “Not Ur Avg Chic” but you look and feel just as fierce.

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